Carson NFL Catch

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Steff-to-Megatron _ 50yr. TD endzone catch in Madden NFL 12 !!

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Michael Sam Becomes The First Gay Player To Be Given A Chance By The NFL

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By admin, June 22, 2014 11:50 pm

The wait got over for Michael Sam as he became the first player to be drafted by NFL. The team that picked him is the same for which he used to play ball in the university- St. Louis Rams though his name was announced in the last round which caused anxiety.

Michael Sam openly came out in the media as a gay and much to anyone’s surprise it was not revealed by his coach and team members. In his last session in the college he proved to be among the best players in the nation with sack of 11.5. It was the Vice- President who operates the game Mike Kensil of the NFL who announced the selection of Michael Sam. Barrack Obama wished Michael Sam and it came from a statement from the White House. For him one should be judged for what one does and not on who the person is.

Jeff Fisher, the coach of St. Louis Ram called him over the phone and disclosed the news to him. As reported Sam was found in San Diego with his friends and family at his agent Joe Barkett’s place. Sam thanked everyone for his wonderful achievement and his picture was seen on twitter with the teams cap and a shirt of polo. Hi selection however is a controversial one that goes beyond football. His entry into the NFL is a progressing notch further for the integration of gay men and the spirit of game. Nobody would have thought to take such a step five years before according to Chris Kluwe.

Another ex player Wade Davis, also a gay footballer proposed that Sam should not be an advocate of gay rights rather his performance matters more.

Madden NFL 13 Lucky Pass Deflection Catch by Reggie Wayne

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Dwight Clark “the Catch” NFL football picks week 14

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Best NFL catch in history

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Lamaar Thomas First NFL Pre-Season Catch & First Down

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